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Kafenio Dionysis
Kafenio from Dionysos

In the middle of Kaliviani is one of the two kafenia, located in opposite from the church and beside the road to Balos, the pirate-bay. Every morning it’s the meeting point for young and old people of the village. The young of them talking about the daily work before starting it while the old stay there chatting until lunchtime

DionissiIn summer Dionysus puts his small barbeque outside and fries for his guests Souflaki. Try it together with a Tsikoudja (a kind of local Grappa). If you ask for a Raki you will get the same. The word Raki belongs to older times where the Turks have occupied the island.

Many travel-groups do have a rest here so you can meet people from all over the world at Dionysus kafenio. Also he has a nice voice and sings at ceremonies in the church.

Kafenio George
Kafenio from Georgo

Exactly at the most tight place where only one car at time can pass is the kafenio of George. And because it’s located so close to the road its highest frequented for a quick chat out of the car with someone who’s sitting there. Once every year George had a lot of guest coming back to visit him. He likes to tell you about the nice time they have had and the Georgotable full of dishes he offered for them. Now he offers only drinks, coffee, cigarettes and ice-cream, because he is not so good on his foot any more. But therefore he likes to chat and is still interested in any kind of conversation. Have a look at his pictures inside of the deceptively simple kafenio – each has its own story. His two small grandchildren are often around him, bringing some action and having fun together. His son Dimitri runs the kafenio at night when mostly only men comes together, chatting until long time after midnight.

tavern with view all over the gulf of Kissamos
Restaurant, rooms to rent


Some steps bring you upstairs to the wonderful terrace with a great view over the sea and the mountains of Rodopou in opposite. Here you find sunny corners just like tables in the shadow. Also you can rent one of the 5 rooms with balcony toward the sea. The kitchen is traditional and depends at the variations of seasons with a good eye for details. The service is warm and friendly. It’s fun to watch Janni or his father serving the dishes and you feel really welcome there. Who wants to know more about Crete music and its artists - here is the right place to learn (and hear) more about. Luckily the loudness is low to talk cultivated at table.

traditional tavern with art elements
Restaurant, wine tavern


Inside and outside looking like a traditional house charming and nice, located near the church in the middle of Kaliviani. Here meets locals and tourists too. The menu is extensive. The traditional “Horiatiki Salat” is prepared with little peaces of toasted bread among the salad - who likes it should really taste that. Very tasty are the cheese pies made of flaky. To sweeten the check you will get some (so tasty!) triangular crème cakes with honey. So even for this lovely snacks you should come here ones.

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